Why Seekerpalooza?

Seekerpalooza is a convention on Memorial day weekend [May 23nd-25th, 2020], but what makes it unique?

Long Form Play

Longer games are rare and hard to come by at conventions. Games at Seekerpalooza are all at least one full day adventures so that you can have the time to explore intricate plots or wage epic wars to save (or subdue) the kingdom. Whether you and your buddies want to come up and play a PFS Seeker Arc, or you want to explore the dark inner workings of Cthulhu's cults, we'll find you something you can really sink your teeth into.

A Relaxed Environment

All gaming slots are extra long, and lodging is at the gorgeous Montreat Conference Center. Enjoy late hour cookouts and plenty of time to hang out and discuss your epic adventures. Longer nights of sleep, good food, and not being rushed make for a unique and relaxing experience.

Prepared GMs

GMs for the event are hand picked, and they're going to go all out to make the event as epic as possible. We support our GMs in every way we can, so that they can deliver the most memorable games to you. Check out the Gallery for pictures of last year's 3D terrain and general fun.

Buy your Ticket, Lodging and Meal Tickets

Tickets available now for Seekerpalooza 2018


Room at the Lodge

Two nights at the haunted lodge, please.

Seekerpalooza: The Long Con


Seekerpalooza Day Pass

A 1-day pass to Seekerpalooza. You are still welcome to come to the evening afterparty at the Winsborough (BYOB, etc.).

Donate to GMs

Each year our GMS show up and put on their best games, some of them even traveling from hours away. We’re working hard on becoming a convention that can cover their expenses, but in the meantime, it helps a lot if our players are willing to kick in a little extra to help cover GM lodging and food. We (and the GMS!) really, really appreciate it!

Seekerpalooza: The Long Con


Ticket to Seekerpalooza 2020

Your pass for Saturday through Monday RPG madness.
Please note that once your purchase is complete, you will receive a download link for some basic FAQ for the convention (where to park, schedule, etc.).


Meal Ticket

You are more than welcome to bring your own food, but if you’d prefer to not have to bother, this meal ticket covers:
-Sunday and Monday breakfasts at Assembly Inn
-Lunch on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday
-Dinner on Monday

If you want to contact us about the event, use the contact form here.