Seekerpalooza 2020 COVID-19 Cancellation

Hello to all of you wonderful gamers,

Yes, this is the letter we all hoped not to have to write or receive. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, the stay home order currently in place in Buncombe County, and the serious improbability of all of this resolving before Memorial Day, we’ve made the difficult decision to cancel Seekerpalooza this year. Obviously, we are very disappointed, particularly as we were on the cusp of trying such exciting new things. And we’re really sorry we won’t be able to have you all in for the epic gaming conference we were dreaming of. But, we’re not willing to risk killing you all (or dealing with your bereaved  non-gamer family and their army of  lawyers afterwards) by going forward, and so we feel this is the only decision we can reasonably make. There will be other chances.

Speaking of which, we are ready to refund everyone’s payments, but if you would like, instead of refunding you now we can forward your payment toward our next conference (AVL Scarefest, at this point), and when you go to sign up for that event you will have your entire payment sitting there in a virtual “wallet” that you can re-apply to whatever you like at that convention. Again, this is absolutely not required, and we know a lot of people could really use that money back right now. It’s just an option we thought we’d offer if it makes your life any easier. 

Also, if you choose to forward your payment to AVL Scarefest, and you had previously chosen to make a GM donation for Seekerpalooza, we will put your donation into a pool for any AVL Scarefest GMs who want to come and run games but are struggling to afford lodging for the weekend.

So what now? Super easy. Go to this Google form, enter your email address, and choose whether you want a refund now, or to forward your balance. If you choose refund, we will get that back to you ASAP (generally speaking, within 24 hours). If you choose to forward your balance, we will transfer the funds into an online wallet for you to use in the future, and send you an email confirming your login for that account. And then you should go wash your hands. Because that’s how the world works, now.

The other option is to just do nothing…and anyone who has not filled out the Google form requesting to forward their payment will receive a full refund in about a week (by April 5). 

Thanks for all the wonderful games over the years. And we (desperately) hope to see you all in October.

With Genuine Affection,

Michael and Amie