Wait, you’re doing this again?

Yes, Seekerpalooza will return in 2020 for a third run. As it turns out, gamers like the chance to spend long, leisurely days taking their characters through epic story content. That said, there will be a few changes, so stay tuned!

When is Seekerpalooza?

Seekerpalooza is always on Memorial Day Weekend. For 2020 that falls on May 22nd-25th. Please note that while in previous years, Seekerpalooza has been a four day conference, this year we are dropping back to three days due to shifting game system dynamics and the needs of many of our players who have indicated they cannot schedule a longer convention.

Where is Seekerpalooza?

Seekerpalooza is held in Black Mountain, NC at the Montreat Conference Center. You can find the location on google maps here. The area is beautiful, and in late spring perfect for eating your lunch outside in the beautiful environment (remember vitamin D, y’all?).

What content will be offered?

As the name would imply, in past years Seekerpalooza has been dedicated to Seeker level Pathfinder Society content. This year, due to the transition from PFS 1 to PFS 2 and the unavailability of PFS 2 Seeker arcs, we are mixing it up a little. While we will still be offering some PFS 1 Seeker content, we will also be presenting long form PFS 2 content along with a selection of other gaming systems which can support the kind of high quality, long form games that we feel will offer a genuinely exciting and immersive experience.

What if I only want to play PFS, and there’s nothing listed I can play?

We understand that transitioning from a PFS-only con to a multi-game environment may not appeal to everyone. If there’s a specific game you’d like to play that you don’t see listed, please let us know! If you know of a GM who might be willing to run it (or if you are) we would love to hear from you.

What’s the deal with pre-mustering?

Everyone who has been gaming for a while knows that while the game itself and the GM are crucial components in a good experience, it’s more often the players that make the table. We have a special opportunity with this small convention to try to help you play with the folks you enjoy the most. Therefore, if you and your besties want to play a particular game together, we’ll do our best to find accommodations and seat you at the same table.

What are the accommodations?

Accommodations will be available on campus through the conference center. This means that just like last year you can all hang out and chat after games with ease… and yes, try out some PvP (in game, not IRL, please), break out the board games, try some one page RPGs….share in all the communal nerdery you can take.

Can I bring my child?

Yes, you can!  However, we ask that your offspring be at least 12 years old before you send him/her/it off to play at a table where you’re not supervising.  Younger children can play at the same table with you.  We do ask that children be directly supervised at all times during the con.  Humanoids 13-15 do not need constant supervision (obviously), but we do ask that they have a responsible adult present while they are at Seekerpalooza.

Is Montreat Anti-Gay?

No. But it’s not surprising you might have heard that. Montreat Conference Center and Montreat College sit right next to each other, but are not affiliated. Montreat College has done some pretty anti-LBGTQ things lately. Montreat Conference Center had All Gender signs on their bathrooms the first year we were there, and came out adamantly against HB2 when it passed. You can read up on the situation here.