Wait, you’re doing this again?

Yes, Seekerpalooza will return in 2018 for a second run. As it turns out, Society would be doomed without brave agents like you, and they can’t seem to manage a year without your aid. That said, there will be a few changes, so stay tuned!

When is Seekerpalooza?

Seekerpalooza is always on Memorial Day Weekend. For 2018 that falls on May 25th-28th. One table of All for Immortality will run Saturday-Sunday and another All for Immortality will run Sunday-Monday, while The Eyes of the Ten will run Saturday-Monday, and modules will take a full day each.

Where is Seekerpalooza?

Seekerpalooza is held in Black Mountain, NC at the Montreat Conference Center. You can find the location on google maps here. The area is beautiful, and in late spring perfect for using the outdoor grilling facilities of the Conference Center.

What content will be offered?

As the name would imply, Seekerpalooza is dedicated to Seeker level Pathfinder Society content. This means that the lowest level content available for most of the convention will be level 12.  We will be offering 7-11 content on Friday’s slot, so if you need just another XP to get you over the top to seekerland, you’ll have a chance to do so. Yes, that means you can’t play Crypt of the Everflame again (unless you can convince a number of poor saps to play it in your room after hours). That said, we will be running both tables of The Eyes of the Ten and All for Immortality, along with an assortment of high-tier modules, so as long as you have a level 12+ character there should be content for you.  You can view our upcoming schedule on Warhorn.

What’s the deal with premustering?

Last year Seekerpalooza tables were organized by premuster only. However, with the addition of module content this will be changing to a more standard convention setup. That said, if you and your besties want to play high level content together, we’ll do our best to find accommodations and seat you at the same table.

What are the accommodations?

Accommodations will be available on campus through the conference center. This means that just like last year you can all hang out and chat after games with ease… and yes, play Crypt in your rooms… We don’t know who did, but we know it was one of you…

Can I bring my child?

Yes, you can!  However, we ask that your offspring be at least 12 years old before you send him/her/it off to play at a table where you’re not supervising.  Younger children can play at the same table with you.  We do ask that children be directly supervised at all times during the con.  Humanoids 13-15 do not need constant supervision (obviously), but we do ask that they have a responsible adult present while they are at Seekerpalooza.

Is Montreat Anti-Gay?

No. But it’s not surprising you might have heard that. Montreat Conference Center and Montreat College sit right next to each other, but are not affiliated. Montreat College has done some pretty anti-LBGTQ things lately. Montreat Conference Center had All Gender signs on their bathrooms the first year we were there, and came out adamantly against HB2 when it passed. You can read up on the situation here.

Hey!  You are using  Pathfinder art!  Isn’t that copyright Paizo?

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